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Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

Manufactured by: Apple Inc.
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It seems that everywhere you look these days you see someone engrossed in the latest novel on their eReader. If you are considering a jump to this latest technological trend, the number and types of eReaders on the market may seem a bit daunting. While all of the eReaders have their own benefits, one reader which consumers sometimes overlook is the iPad 2. Although it is touted as a tablet which has everything, the iPad 2 also offers an excellent and almost enviable reading experience.

The Good:

One of the biggest benefits of using the eReader component on the iPad 2 is that it gives you the ultimate in convenience. For example, if you are reading something and don’t recognize a word or want to research something further, looking up that information online is no problem at all. Other eReaders like the Nook or Kindle, are generally only meant for reading and don’t have the functionality that the iPad offers. Furthermore, the iPad gives you the ability to read books and magazines in any number of formats. This is a great advantage over some of its competitors. When you own a Kindle, for instance, you are only able to use your device to read books that are sold on Amazon’s Kindle Store. When you own an iPad 2, you can download the Kindle app to access Kindle books, but you are also able to access books formated in a number of different manners as well. Finally, the iPad 2 eReader has the benefit of offering bright, vibrant color pictures and text. It is the ideal device for reading picture books with your children, since it is easy to appreciate beautiful illustrations on the screen.

The Bad:

While its benefits are certainly compelling, there are a few things that potential buyers should know before buying this device. Some users have complained that the iPad 2 is a little heavy in their hands, especially after having been held for some time. At 1.3 pounds the iPad 2 is a bit heavier than other readers, but in return it offers a large 10 inch screen for easy viewing. In addition, Apple sells covers for the iPad 2 which are specifically designed to prop up your iPad so it can be easily viewed without the need for you to hold it. Another concern some consumers have is that the LED backlit screen can cause glare. While this backlit screen may prove to be a bit tricky if you are trying to read outdoors, without it you wouldn’t be able to view your eBooks in such stunning significance. The screen is what makes the illustrations and photos within a book really pop.

The Verdict:

If you are looking for an eReader that outperforms its competition in almost every arena, look no further than the iPad 2. Its ability to accept many different formats, its functionality, and its large, vivid screen make it a winning choice among its competitors.

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