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Icarus Excel Review

Icarus Excel Review

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Icarus has started a new revolution with a wave of solid e-reader devices that are bringing some new competition to the top brand names. Among them is the 9.7 inch Icarus Excel, which is considered by some critics to be the top of the collection. The following are some the key features of the Icarus Excel that are starting to impress readers.

The Icarus Excel offers an e-ink screen that boasts a screen resolution of 1280×825 pixels, along with a 167 DPI. It is a full touch screen, but it will only function with the stylus provided with the device, so fingers tapping on the screen will have no effect. If users prefer not using the stylus, they can also operate the device through the manual keys on the left and right sides. Otherwise, the screen highly resembles other 9.7 inch e-readers that are available on the market already.

Unlike other large devices though, this one’s screen works proficiently without any lagging. Touch response is rather speedy and the menus load easily. It is powered by an 800MHz CPU processor and consists of 256MB of RAM. In addition, it has 4GB of memory capacity, but this can be simply expanded to 32GB with an SD card. Despite all of its memory, the device is rather light in comparison with other products out there. At around 530 grams, with dimensions of 240x180x11mm, the device can be held for longer periods of time without strain.

The device comes with Wi-Fi capability, which makes downloading ebooks from the Internet right onto the e-reader a breeze for accomplishing its main purpose of reading. Furthermore, the Icarus Excel can be used for internet browsing. The Internet connection is solid, but the device does not have sufficient options to customize the web surfing experience properly. Battery life while using the Wi-Fi connection can last up to ten full hours. Without using the Wi-Fi, the device can be used for a whole month without charging.

For other forms of entertainment, the device includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is great for text-to-speech options. There is also an LED indicator, Mini USB port for charging purposes, and an SD card slot. The speaker on the back of the device provides average sound quality for listening to music on MP3s and audio books.

The best feature of the Icarus Excel is its impressive PDF reading experience, unlike any other ever made. This e-reader is proficient for taking notes or highlighting text, which it can transform into TXT files for easy viewing on a PC computer. It also supports other formats, such as EPUB and PRC. There are seventeen levels for making font size changes, which means it can be customized to meet everyone’s eyesight needs too.

Although the majority of people continue to fall for the major names out on the market, the Icarus Excel is a hidden gem capable of some impressive work. Because of its superb PDF functionality, it is ideal for students, professors, and other individuals with a large collection of PDFs. With a reasonable price of $400, the device offers some quality features that stand up to the giants.

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